8-WEEK EASE INTO FITNESS PROGRAM Easy, simple and effective way to lose weight in the Milton Keynes area
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March 6th Start

Monday at 10am & Wednesday at 10am

Tuesday at7pm Thursday at 7pm

April 2nd Start

Monday at 9am &  Wednesday at 9am

Tuesday at 6pm & Thursday at 6pm

A coffee and a chat is a great way of getting to know you, what’s held you back in the past and what you would like to achieve. It’s also an opportunity to have an understanding of how I can best help you.

We would ask you to fill out a short health questionnaire to understand your current health condition. This will help me to plan a program that is right for your needs.

Grid City Fitness is based at the Oak tree Centre in Shenley Brook.

During your visit we will show you some of the exercises and discuss our nutrition coaching program including personal journal so you can be very clear what’s involved in the 8 week program. Your health and well being are very important to us. We will take great care of you and ensure that you enjoy this amazing 8 Week Ease Into Fitness program.



Twice-a-Week Small Group Training

Tailored fitness sessions to raise your metabolism and shape your body - all fitness levels welcome.




Comprehensive Nutritional Coaching Program throughout the 8 weeks

Weekly nutrition coaching guidance to help you eat right for optimal weight loss and optimise key fat loss hormones for accelerated fat loss.




Supermarket Tour

Group tour to help better understand how to best shop for optimal weight loss without spending an arm and a leg.




8 Week Success Journal (Food & Fitness)

Your journal will keep you focussed and accountable throughout your 8 week challenge program.




Closed Facebook group support

We don't just look after you when you are with us but through our emails and ongoing support, you are are not alone as you make changing that will change your life for the better forever.





Don’t worry we have got you covered. You can continue to make great progress by choosing from one of our several options after you have completed our 8 week program.

Stay with us and continue working towards your goals in the same non intimidating friendly environment as a Grid City Graduate or choose one of our fantastic Grid City Fitness on line offers.


Hi I am Farah. I am a qualified Fitness and Nutrition coach, specialising in women who would like to be in the best shape of their lives through exercise and motivational coaching.


Hi I am Afro, a driven fitness and nutritional coach who wants to help you make that change through nutritional, health and fitness coaching. It's all about working together to get you back on track, help you grow in confidence and help you be the best you, you can be.


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